A call for more meaningful stats

These days, Hi-Rez seems to tiptoe around players’ feelings: MMR is hidden, only wins are counted on their official stats site, and there’s no way to get a solid look at how you’re faring in many aspects of the game.

There is no shortage of third-party stats sites, but let’s face it — most of them aren’t good. If you utilize private profile, chances are these sites are useless to you. Even if I were to unblock my profile today, I’d be missing months worth of games on something like SmiteGuru.

There’s also the matter of ranked, which has become a confusing affair with too many factors: division, TP, MMR. MMR, the major determinant in matchmaking, is hidden from us.

Being shown a win/loss ratio — those were the days.

While there were requests in the past for a private profile option, which is necessary in any modern game or app, I don’t think players wanted information hidden from themselves.

There was a time when the Profile page showed me my win rate in every mode. Now it shows me meaningless facts like how many skins and icons I own, or in other words, how much money I’ve spent on SMITE.

Let’s bring back meaning to the stats page.

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