EUnited wins the 2018 SMITE World Championships

The Hi-Rez Expo has been ongoing since January 4th. Within that expo were the SMITE World Championships, SMITE’s biggest tournament of the year. Team eUnited took down Team Rival 3-1 in a best-of-five finals to claim first place. The full team roster includes captain and support PolarBearMike, jungler Screammmmm, ADC PandaCat, mid player Venenu and solo laner Benji. Venenu won the tournament’s MVP award.

eUnited SWC 2018 Winners
SWC 2018 winners eUnited

For the first time ever, the SWC finals came to down the top North American seed versus the top European seed. At least statistically speaking, the finals were between the two best teams in the world.

Rival had a strong performance during the tournament, eliminating Nocturns Gaming in a knockout match and sending home defending SWC champs NRG in the semifinals. EUnited was something else, however, only dropping one game in the entire tournament, handily defeating Black Dragons 2-0 in a knockout match and SWC 2017 runner-ups Obey Alliance 3-0. The one game eUnited lost was to Rival during the finals.

eUnited SWC 2018 Winners 2
SWC 2018 winners eUnited

Raijin, Ullr and Cu Chulainn were all hotly contested picks and bans throughout the series. PandaCat played Ullr several times during the finals, and the crowd went wild for Screammmmm’s unusual, but unbeatable, Bastet picks, which later drew bans from Rival. Benji was a powerhouse on aggressive warriors like Cu Chu. Venenu showed his strengths on strong meta picks like Raijin and Discordia. PBM’s Fafnir was permabanned, and the support-captain turned the tides of one game in eUnited’s favor by stealing Fire Giant and Portal Demon in the same match as Sylvanus.

After the match, PolarBearMike declared the curse — which players say PBM created when he yelled “EU SUCKS” after a Season 3 match, dooming NA teams to forever lose sets to EU teams — officially broken.

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