SMITE gets new Arena map and free Arena bundle

During the keynote presentation at the Hi-Rez Expo, SMITE developer Titan Forge Studios announced and released a new map for the Arena game mode. Players can also pick up a free Arena bundle for a limited time.

Order and Chaos

The new map depicts the struggle between Order and Chaos. Similar to the Conquest map, one side is Order-themed, and the other is the darker, Chaos side. Specifically, Titan Forge says the map shows the battle between Hera, Queen of the Gods, and Bellona, the Goddess of War.

Titan Forge says the map was “redesigned from the ground up.”

New features

Gameplay clarity has been improved, and there is also a new beast, the Minotaur, who will “lead the attack on the opposing base.”

Free Arena bundle

To celebrate the launch, players can pick up the free Arena bundle now on all platforms. The Arena bundle includes seven free gods and their voice packs, as well as eight free skins:

Gods (voice packs included)

  • Pele
  • Anubis
  • Nu Wa
  • Odin
  • Cu Chulainn
  • Medusa


  • Righteous Hammer Thor
  • Imperator Khepri
  • Typhoon Kukulkan
  • Battle Maiden Bellona
  • Hound of Ulster Cu Chulainn
  • Amethyst Nu Wa
  • Raven’s Throne Odin
  • Worldweaver Neith

The Arena bundle will be available free until Dec. 17.

For more SMITE announcements from the Hi-Rez Expo, see here.


  1. I’ve been an avid player on smite PS4 and cannot seem to download this bundle. It says it is unavailable due to me already owning it when I haven’t downloaded it or own any of the gods or voice packs mentioned. Help?


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