Quarterfinals defeat marks last set Obey Alliance SMITE roster will play under org

The Obey Alliance roster’s defeat in the SMITE World Championship quarterfinals is the last game the team will play under the Obey banner. Obey announced earlier this week that they will not sponsor the roster in Season 6 of the SMITE Pro League.

“Every great story has an end[,] and with that said[,] this will be our last season in SMITE,” Julian Castro, Obey’s general manager, said in a statement.

Hungry for More beginnings

Obey picked up the roster in 2016 in the SMITE Pro League Season 3 when they were an unsponsored team going by the name Hungry for More. Despite lack of sponsorship, the core members, ADC Ataraxia and mid laner PrettyPriMe, were well-known names and had taken second place at the first ever SMITE World Championship. Jungler CaptainTwig was no stranger to the scene as well.

Throughout Obey’s lifetime, those three core members remained the same, although the other two roles went through changes: PANDALIKE/MANALIKE (formerly known as Frezzy) and EmilZy played support prior to the current roster’s iRaffer, and Variety and maniaKK played solo before the current iteration’s Xaliea.

Obey Qualifies for SWC 2018
Obey poses after finishing as first seed in the SMITE World Championship 2018 placement round. Photo courtesy of @ObeyAlliance

First and second place finishes

Though Obey was not able to bring home a SMITE World Championship title, they did have multiple first place finishes: the 2017 European SMITE Pro League Spring Split, SMITE Masters 2017 and the 2017 European SMITE Pro League Fall Split.

Other notable finishes include second place at 2016 and 2017 Regionals, second place in the 2017 European SMITE Pro League Summer Split, and most memorably, second place at the 2017 SMITE World Championship. The team was also the highest seed coming out of the SMITE World Championship 2018 placement rounds.

A full list of Obey’s placings can be found on the SMITE Esports Wiki.

SMITE Obey Alliance Team
The Obey team goofs off before a match. Photo courtesy of @ObeyAlliance

Casting doubts on the future

While fans hope the roster sticks together and finds a new organization to sponsor them in Season 6, mid laner PrettyPriMe, a longtime professional SMITE veteran, expressed doubts about playing in 2019.

At the Hi-Rez Expo, SMITE developer Titan Forge Studios announced all SMITE Pro League games will be played on LAN at Skillshot Media in Georgia instead of online. This means European pro players will either have to relocate to the US or will be traveling frequently. PriMe and his family welcomed a daughter earlier this month, and neither option is ideal for the new father.

“… it will very very likely lead to me retiring,” tweeted PriMe. “Something I have dreaded for a very long time. I do think this move will kill the EU scene…

However, PriMe went on to clarify that he was not officially announcing his retirement.

Season 6 of the SMITE Pro League starts on Feb. 7, 2019. With the big changes to the league, there will be a lot of announcements from organizations and players in the lead-up to Season 6.

For more announcements from the Hi-Rez Expo and SMITE World Championship, see here.

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