SMITE Pro League Season 6 changes: LAN only, no more regions or splits

There are big changes coming to the SMITE Pro League in Season 6, including entirely LAN competition and the removal of regions and splits, announced SMITE developer Titan Forge Studios.

All matches move to LAN, eliminating regions

SMITE’s publisher, Hi-Rez Studios, owns an esports production company called Skillshot Media, which is where the matches will be played. Previously, matches were played online, except for a few major LANs.

The concept of regions, such as North America or Europe, has also been ditched. The SMITE Pro League will now have 10 teams, and anyone from any region can play on any team.

Splits removed

Splits are also no more. Instead of the spring, summer and fall splits, season-long results dictate who will attend the yearly SMITE World Championship.

The SMITE Pro League will be organized as follows:

  • Pre-Season: 5 weeks of play
  • Phase 1: 13 weeks of play
  • Event 1: All-Star Invitational
  • Event 2: Mid-Season Invitational
  • Phase 2: 13 weeks of play
  • Final Event: SMITE World Championship

The pre-season will begin on February 7th, 2019, with more details to be released closer to the start.

For more SMITE announcements from the Hi-Rez Expo, see here.

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