About SMITE Scrub

I’m a SMITE player, just like the rest of the community.Picture

But if you must know the rest, I go by the IGN KBopadoo and my real name is Kelly Packard. I’ve been playing video games since I was a kid and I started playing SMITE on PC in 2013. I’m just your average player who has played more than 3,000 games on the variety of maps and modes.

As I’ve continued to play, I grew interested in discussion about the game and began to feel like a part of the community. Now I want to contribute to that community.

Outside of SMITE, I’m a student at university. On the side I also write news and reviews for the Xbox website TrueAchievements, covering all things gaming extensively, including breaking down the latest SMITE patches for the console crowd.

I tweet and write about all things gaming, so feel free to add me on social media if that’s your thing.


Header and background images are from Hi-Rez Studio’s official press kit for SMITE unless specified otherwise. About Me photo is my own.