Random Buff Idea #1: Kumbhakarna’s Mighty Yawn

Welcome to the first installment of Random Buff Ideas. Today’s topic is Kumbhakarna, our favorite Sleeping Giant, more affectionately known as Kumbha.

As we know, Kumbha’s passive, Sleepy, allows him to fall asleep once his health is depleted. After that, he can only be defeated with a set amount of basic attacks that scale with his level. Kumbha can use his third ability, Mighty Yawn, while he is asleep.

Kumbhakarna SMITEKumbha is on the ‘needs a buff’ end of the spectrum as opposed to the ‘needs a nerf’ end. Some players even call his passive useless. As Hunters get more attack speed items and tanks pick up attack speed auras for the whole team with items like Shogun’s Kisari, Kumbha has a tendency to get deleted while asleep.

So hear me out for the buff idea: What if the cooldown on Mighty Yawn reset when Kumbha fell asleep? If you go down in a fight as Kumbha, the chances are that you’ve already exhausted your cooldowns, so you’re not going to be Mighty Yawning anyone.

A reset would give our sleepy friend an opportunity to mesmerize those attacking him, providing valuable CC for his teammates and maybe even preserving his own life, or at the very least, delaying his death. Enemies would also have to think twice about their positioning when they bring down a Kumbha.

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